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Aluminium Handgripper mit verchromter Feder
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 Brandon Witters -  X3 Bar Users Group Moderator
"The best band hook I have found

amazon Hand gripper ReviewWorth every penny!
March 8, 2019
I own the Barabans gripper and also a Vatiz gripper. Both of them are great, but I count the RB gripper better on at least two counts. The knurling on the Vatiz gripper is insufficient, and this makes it difficult for me to keep it from slipping when I squeeze it. The Barabans gripper has deeper knurling, and it stays in place MUCH better than a Vatiz gripper when doing a set.
Secondly, both my Vatiz gripper and the Barabans gripper came with two springs each. The Vatiz has two heavy springs, which are great if one has a stronger grip to start off with; and I don't. The Barabans gripper has one heavy spring like the Vatiz, and one that is a bit lighter, which allows me to get a better workout routine in, without having to use a different gripper for warmup sets.
A third point is the difference in the handles. This one is more a matter of personal preference, so I'll have to say it's a tie between the two grippers. My Vatiz gripper handles sit flat together when squeezed shut. I find this makes it much more challenging to close them, especially with the smoother knurling.
The handles on the Barabans gripper connect at the ends of the handles, at an angle, more like a regular spring gripper. I prefer this style of handle.
The Vatiz gripper has a more polished, 'factory' look to it, whereas the Barabans gripper looks more like it was made in a private shop. So it doesn't look quite as polished. But this doesn't affect its functionality one iota.
While this review is for the Barabans gripper, I wanted to compare it with the Vatiz, for those readers who may own one.
I give the Barabans gripper a solid five stars. I really think it would be hard to improve it. The Vatiz is also a very good gripper, but I rate it four stars, because of what I consider to be insufficient knurling.
You can't go wrong with either gripper, but I highly recommend the one by Barabans.


amazon Hand gripper ReviewIt will bring your hands rules to a new level of high
March 16, 2019
Verified Purchase
Well-made will last a lifetime and actually will improve your Hand strength

amazon Hand gripper ReviewThese are legit, excellent quality.
Bydaniel on November 17, 2016
Verified Purchase
Been into grip training on and of for years. This level of adjustability is without comparison. I remember avoiding buying these when I was younger due to the price (mostly overseas shipping). Opted for the CoC grippers. Have the whole set and love even the ones I can't close. Tons of ironmind gripper stuff. But this RB Gripper reigns supreme. Just buy it, this is for anybody and everybody. Strength is never a weakness.

ByJacob Hillon April 11, 2016
Really, really well made. A challenge for any level of strength and fitness. I am very happy with this purchase.

amazon Hand gripper Review best gripper I have ever used
Byethan a reynolds on January 2, 2013
I am excited about using this product my grip strength and forearm size increases every week I have used grippers before and the problem you usually run into is that you out grow the gripper. with this gripper you can increase the resistance when you need too

amazon Hand gripper ReviewJimbo Jameson
5.0 out of 5 starsGets the job done
October 16, 2016
Color: chrome|Verified Purchase
Fits captains of crush grippers just fine. Solidly built and does exactly what it's supposed to.